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Lake : West Compton Manor Lakes
Location : Dorset
Category : Carp & Coarse
The middle lake was restocked with Mirror and Common Carp from the ponds at Glastonbury Abbey, believed to be driect descendents of the first culinary prized carp introduced by the monks in the twelth century and they are proving to be an ..
Contact Details:
West Compton Dorchester
United Kingdom
01300 320400

Lake : Water End Fisheries
Location : Bedfordshire
Category : Carp & Coarse
Water End Fisheries is a family run day ticket coarse fishing site in the heart of rural Bedfordshire offering the opportunity to test your skill on our three one acre canals stocked with a wide variety of fish ranging in size from last ye..
Contact Details:
Water End Lane Maulden
MK45 2BD
United Kingdom
07850 406866

Lake : Watermark Fisheries
Location : Gloucestershire
Category : Carp
The Watermark Specimen Fisheries in Gloucestershire offer the finest Carp, Tench, Pike & Perch fishing around. From the inland sea that is the famous Bradley's Fishery, with carp to 40lb+, to the intimate Little Horseshoe of four and a hal..
Contact Details:
Wildmoorway Lane South Cerney
United Kingdom
07799 242379

Lake : Water Meadows Fishery
Location : Lincolnshire
Category : Carp & Coarse
Water meadows Fishery also caters for the angler looking for the bigger specimen fish. The Rush Pool contains carp to 28lb, Pike to 24lb, and recently stocked Catfish to 20lb. This lake is fish able on a day ticket or a 24 hour ticket
Contact Details:
Beeches Farm Trunch Lane Chapel St Leonards Near Skegness
PE24 5UA
United Kingdom

Lake : Wellingborough lakes
Location : Northamptonshire
Category : Carp & Coarse
We are proud of the fact the fish are all English nene valley carp with thirty four different fish going over the thirty pounds mark with eight making 40lb+ before, add to that around one hundred twenty pound plus carp.
Contact Details:
United Kingdom

Lake : Wentworth Fisheries
Location : South Yorkshire
Category : Carp & Coarse
The lake boasts an impressive carp stock from mid doubles to mid 30's. Multiple catches are common on this water.
Contact Details:
Estate Office Wentworth Rotherham
S62 7TD
United Kingdom

Lake : West Hall Farm
Location : Norfolk
Category : Carp & Coarse
ou can enjoy undisturbed fishing from dawn to dusk in our well stocked and maintained lakes. There are opportunities to catch:
Carp (specimen to 30lbs in the lakes),Tench,Bream,Roach,
Rudd andFreshwater Barbell.
Contact Details:
Sluice Road, Denver
PE38 0DZ
United Kingdom
07790 272978

Lake : Warwick Wold Waters
Location : Surrey
Category : Carp & Coarse
With mirror and common carp as big as 25lb to match nets of tench, crucian, roach, ghost carp, chub and barbel, you’ll find unrivalled sport across four lakes totalling 30 acres.
Contact Details:
Warwick Wold Road, Merstham, Redhill
United Kingdom
07774 101 783

Lake : Godstone Vineyards Fishing Lake
Location : Surrey
Category : Carp & Coarse
The lake is stocked with carp up to approximately 20 lbs, in addition to roach, tench, chub, and perch.
Contact Details:
United Kingdom
01883 744590

Lake : Wagland Farm Lake
Location : Devon
Category : Carp
We hold a good head carp to over 30lbs The carp average a weight of 20lbs with the lake record at 31lbs 8oz. We also have mirror carp from near leather to fully scaled, ghost to 23lbs and common carp to over 30lbs.
Contact Details:
Wagland Farm Cottages, Halwell, Totnes,
United Kingdom
01548 821293

Lake : Wagtail Fishery
Location : Lincolnshire
Category : Carp & Coarse
All three lakes have very attractive mown grass areas surrounding them with paved slab fishing pegs. Residents in the lodges may day and night fish on any of our three lakes, which are stocked with tench, rudd, roach, bream, chub, grass ca..
Contact Details:
Cliff Lane, Marston, Grantham
NG32 2HU
United Kingdom
07891 629295

Lake : Wainsford Riverside Fishery
Location : Cornwall
Category : Game/Fly
67 salmon best 22lbs Both Fishery records and, we hope, evidence that the Hatchery is working! 114 sea trout best 9lbs 8oz Lowest catch but given the huge summer river, perhaps not surprising. Good number of larger fish.
Contact Details:
Wainsford House Twowatersfoot Liskeard
PL14 6HT
United Kingdom
01208 821432

Lake : Wall Eden
Location : Somerset
Category : Carp & Coarse
We have our very own stretch of the river Brue nestled close by to our log cabins. We also hire tackle and can give you a hand teaching you to fish.
Contact Details:
East Huntspill, Highbridge
United Kingdom
07703 857732

Lake : Upham Farm Fishing
Location : Devon
Category : Carp & Coarse
Upham Farm enjoys an excellent national reputation for providing superb carp and tench fishing for all types of anglers, from beginners of all ages to seasoned professionals.
Contact Details:
Upham Farm Farringdon, Exeter
United Kingdom
07971 827552

Lake : Unwicks Farm Fishery
Location : Worcestershire
Category : Carp & Coarse
Managed by KC Fisheries, the 3 well-stocked pools hold carp to 20lb+, F1s,
crucian carp, tench, bream, perch and roach; catering for all anglers from
the match angler to pleasure or beginner.
Contact Details:
Unwicks Farm Station RoadGone Fishing Hartlebury Nr Kidderminster
DY11 7YJ
United Kingdom
07507 457424

Lake : Viaduct Fisheries
Location : Somerset
Category : Carp & Coarse
Carp and coarse fishing in somerset with acommodation available.
Contact Details:
Cary Valley, Sotherton
TA11 6LJ
United Kingdom
01458 274022

Lake : Aldin Grange Lake
Location : Durham
Category : Carp & Coarse
Our coarse lakes contain 5 types of Carp, Crucian, Common, Mirror, Ghost and F1’s, Tench, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Bream, Chub, Orfe, Ide and Barbel. Carp weigh from 8oz to 20lb.
Contact Details:
Aldin Grange Farm, Bearpark
United Kingdom

Lake : Jubilee Lakes
Location : Darlington
Category : Game/Fly
Trout Fishing Facilities Here At Jubilee Lake.
Excellent fly fishing for top quality rainbow trout, beautiful surroundings and perfect tranquility and to compliment that we also have excellent facilities for our trout anglers.
Contact Details:
Jubilee Lakes and Anglers Lodge, Redworth,
United Kingdom
01388 772611

Lake : West House Trout Lake
Location : Teeside
Category : Game/Fly
The lakes are stocked with Rainbow trout from 2 lbs upwards with the fishery record being 19lb and Brown Trout the record standing at 18lb. There are four lakes of 4 acres, 2 acres and 1.5 acres and 1 acre , each stocked with these high qua..
Contact Details:
Mill Lane Bishopton Nr Stillington Stockton on Tees
TS21 1LL
United Kingdom
07836 330157

Lake : Whetstone Gorse
Location : Leicestershire
Category : Mixed bag
Pleasure Angling:-
Very simple - just park your car in the relevant car park. Choose your peg and start to fish. Payments will be taken on the bank.
Contact Details:
United Kingdom
0116 2773796

Lake : Hoar Park Fishery
Location : Warwickshire
Category : Carp & Coarse
There are 2 lakes approximately 1.5 Acres and 3/4 Acre, both are stocked with a mixture of course fish including Carp to 21lb, Tench, Roach, Bream,Gudgeon and Rudd.
Contact Details:
Nuneaton Road Nr Ansley, Nuneaton
CV10 0QU
United Kingdom
07703 643988

Lake : Horton Church Lake
Location : surrey
Category : Carp
The lake holds over 100 carp, 16 over the 40 Ibs mark with at least 31 fish breaking 35 lbs. Also inhabiting the venue are a number of grass carp. The icing on the cake being an individual fish in excess of 52lb.
Lake : Hurst Farm Fishing
Location : Somerset
Category : Carp & Coarse
Crucion Pit as the name suggest is stocked with Crucion Carp (3lbs plus).
Coarse Fishing not your thing? Them why not try our 3 acre Trout Lake.
Contact Details:
Morville, Bridgnorth
WV16 4TF
United Kingdom

Lake : Denhall Fishery
Location : Cheshire
Category : Mixed bag
Mixed bag fishery
Contact Details:
United Kingdom
07983 988703

Lake : Dearnford Lake
Location : Shropshire
Category : Game/Fly
fly fishing waters in shropshire
Contact Details:
Tilstock Road Whitchurch
SY13 3JQ
United Kingdom
01948 258639

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Hopefully the site will continue to grow as it has done for the last 20+ years. I have always considered that the Tackle-Trader community is very tight, long may that continue.

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Reliable Descriptions Of Items For Sale.

Reliable Descriptions Of Items For Sale.


Please try and be as accurate as you can with describing your items for sale.

I don't get many complaints about this, very rarely will someone contact me with issues around inaccurate descriptions of stuff.

How I describe items.

Unused or New means exactly that.

Mint or in unused condition means used but as new condition

Excellent or slightly used means not in as new condition but near that.

Very Good is between above and below this.

Some wear or good is shows signs of wear but still fine.

Heavy wear or well used is exactly that

Poor to me is on its last legs.

Broken is exactly that.

Please be as honest as you can, you can always elaborate on your ad.

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If you have problems logging on or registering on the site.

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